Tasks for the Geographer — To Kill a Mockingbird

PRESENTATION #1: Questions

To Kill a Mockingbird is set in the town of Maycomb, Alabama. Maycomb is fictional, but the author, Harper Lee, grew up in Monroeville, Alabama. Find it on a map of Alabama.


Average Temperature














Useful website: Clickable Map of the U.S.

Useful websites:


Alabama History On-Line



  Mobile (the state capital)


  Auburn (has an engineering school) (p. 10) [p. 13}


  Abbottsville (where the Cunninghams go on Sundays) (p. 10) [p. 12]




  Winton County (where Scout's teacher is from) (p. 16) [p. 21]


  Meridian (where Dill lives)


  Pensacola (where Mr. Nathan Radley lived) (p. 12) [p. 14]





Useful websites:

Clickable Map of the U.S.

The Fifty States

PRESENTATION #1: Vocabulary



































Alabama State Flower

  • Where do camellias come from originally?

PRESENTATION #2: Water and Transportation

  • There are many words in the novel about places with water, such as Finch's Landing in Chapter 13. Find the meaning of the following geographical words and explain them to your classmates.

  landing (pp. 4, 79) [pp. 4, 106]


  bluff (p. 79) [p. 106]


  jetty (p. 79) [p. 106]


  • How were goods transported to Finch's landing? (p. 4) [p. 4]

  • Name five goods the family could not make or grow themselves. (pp. 4, 79-80) [p. 4, p. 106]







BONUS: Internet Task



PRESENTATION #2: Drought「干害」

Go to Farming in the 1930s and look at the map about drought. Click on the different years.

  • Which year was the drought in the U.S. the worst?

  • Which years was there drought in Alabama?

  • BONUS: Read some Tall Tales「駄法螺」 about the drought. Choose one you think is funny to tell your classmates.
  • (Which of the characters in To Kill a Mockingbird tells "tall tales"?)

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