Response to Photographs

1. Write the name of the photograph you have chosen.

2. What is the setting of the photograph?

Indoors or out?


Urban or rural?

What time of day or night?

3. Describe what you see in the photograph. Include specific「特定」 details.

Are there any people?






What catches your eye first?

4. What buildings are in the photograph?

Homes or businesses?

In what condition?

What is the spacing?

What surrounds the buildings?

5. What is the tone of the photograph?

Heavy or light?

Positive or negative?

Dark or light?

6. Write 2 questions that you might ask the photographer or the subjects of the picture?



Adapted from The Library of Congress. (2002). To Kill a Mockingbird: An Historical Perspective: Visual Literacy Guide. Retrieved February 23, 2005, from:

CA Edington, Instructor