My Neighborhood after Typhoon #18

September 8, 2004

Every day I walk to the subway and see Kamokamo Kawa (literally Duck Duck River) from the bridge. I was astounded to see fallen trees everywhere.

Fallen Trees near River

The force of the wind, up to 185 k/hour in some areas of Hokkaido, had completely uprooted huge trees.

Fallen Tree near River

I couldn't continue on the sidewalk to the subway. This destruction was the saddest of all to me. There were no poplars left in the long row I passed every day. I had always looked up to them for their strength and the energy they gave me, as well as a certain peace from the sound of the leaves rustling through their leaves. No more. (A famous row of poplars at Hokkaido University was likewise destroyed.)

Fallen Poplars

This is what the same area looked like two days later.

Poplars Cleared

Destruction near Kitara Hall | Destruction on Path around Lake
Destruction near My Apartment