Tippy's Page
Tippy got his name from the white tip on the end of his tail.  He also enjoys standing on his tiptoes and sometimes looks like a ballet dancer when he's sleeping.  He lives with his brother, Mac, and his Furmom at Park Avenue Mansion in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.
Prince Tippy Tippy with Bunny Slipper
Prince Tippy poses for his special portrait.
Tippy Long Legs
With his long legs, Tippy somewhat resembles a rabbit with short ears.  Here he plays with a bunny slipper.
Tippy Sleeping - Long Legs
My, what long legs you have!
Tippy on Top of Bookcase
He often sleeps with his long legs stretched out.
Tippy Under Plant
Tippy is very adept at climbing and mounted the top of the bookcase when he was only about 6 months old.
Tippy Sleeping in Ball
If he's not on top of something, he likes to be under it!
Tippy Stretching
He also sleeps curled up, somehow tucking his long legs underneath him. Even the white tip of his tail, from which he got his name, is hidden.
After a good nap, he stretches his long legs.

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