Tippy and Mac: First Photos Click on any photo to see a larger version.
Two new beings entered my life on Halloween, 2004.  Here is the first glimpse of their life at 202 Park Avenue Mansion.
Cats Play with CA Cats with Red Ribbon
The cats never seem to get tired playing with their new mommy.  (Note the "Jed Bartlet for President" sweatshirt.)
The two brothers enjoy fighting with each other.  A simple red ribbon provides hours of fun!
Mac Checks Mac
Mac's Got Mail
Mac got his name from his enjoyment of using my Mac computer, mainly as a place to perch or take naps.
Here he discovers that he's got mail!
My Sweeties
Mac Takes Break
Mac takes a break from reading all his email.
Perch Fight
Aren't they sweet? Of course, this is when they're not leaping all over my futon at 5 a.m.!
Purrfect Nap Place
They enjoy playing on the new perch that Amanda, our British neighbor, brought for them.  It's got a fun place to hide, as well. You can see the white tip at the end of his Tippy's, which is how he got his name.  Being shy, he also creeps around on his tiptoes.
The stereo provides a purrfect napping place.  Can you believe that only a couple of hours before, they were fighting?
Caution: Cats sleeping!

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