Our Cat Tree Click on any photo to see a larger version.
This was our 2004 Xmas present from our furmom, CA Edington.  We love climbing and hiding, so it's great!
Exploring Xmas Present Opening Xmas Present
Exploring our Xmas present.
Xmas Present in the Box Opening our Xmas present.
Partially Assembled Cat Tree
Our Xmas present is fun even though it's still in the box.
Cat Tree
Our cat tree is partially assembled.
Exploring Cat Tree
Here we are in our new cat tree.
Tippy in Cat Tree
Exploring our fully assembled cat tree is fun!
Mac in Cat Tree
Tippy in the cat tree.
Mac looking smug in the new cat tree.
Peek from Perch Perch Gaze
Want to join us?
Peeking down from perch.

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