Silly Cats
There's almost never a dull moment with Mac and Tippy, my silly-billies. When they aren't sleeping, eating, or fighting, they engage in all sorts of silly behavior.
My Water #1 My Water #2
Let's try Furmom's water to see if it's better than ours.
Your turn!
Futon Cleaning
Silly Face
You're taking my photo again!
Furmom's futon is a good place to wash myself.
Ghost Catcher Ghost Revealed
The ghost is revealed.
The ghost catcher!
Ready to Pounce
Mac is ready to pounce - on what?
Another ghost?
Rope Play
Under the Couch
Under the couch is a good place to hide.
Mac and Tippy get ready for a tug-of-war with a rope.
Butt Stops Here
Butt Out!
The butt stops here.
Butt out!

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