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ESL/EFL Web Sites

Dave's ESL Café
Under Stuff for Students, check out the Help Center where CA is one of the instructors who answers questions about grammar, vocabulary, etc. (Note that you must register to be able to ask questions.)
This was one of the more popular sites explored by students in the December, 2000, class. They found the following two sites particularly useful and fun.
Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students
Self-Study Quizzes: Grammar and Vocabulary; Homonyms; Idioms, Phrasal Verbs & Slang; Scrambled Words; Holidays; Trivia. Other Activities: Crossword Puzzles; Treasure Hunts.
Internet Treasure Hunts for ESL Students
Interesting Things for ESL/EFL Students
Word Games and Puzzles, Pronunciation Practice, Grammar Fun, Vocabulary, and many other activities. Try the Listen and Read Along page. There are even English Study Menus in Japanese.
ESL PartyLand
"The Cool Way to Learn English." Student pages have over 75 interactive quizzes, 15 discussion forums, interactive lessons, chat room, and links. Lessons plans and reproducible materials for teachers.
Activities for ESL Students
There are over 1,000 quizzes, exercises, and puzzles on this website to help you study English as a Second Language. This project of The Internet TESL Journal has contributions by many teachers.
English Club
This site for ESL learners has grammar lessons and easy quizzes with answers available.
Tower of English
Holidays, Humor, Idioms/Slang, Movies, Music, and Mysteries are just a few of the exciting places to explore on this site.
English Learning Fun
The fun includes cartoons, jokes, TOEFL dialogues, and multimedia quizzes. However, you have to register for the free membership to see more than one example.
Word Wizard
Lovers of the English language can ask questions the origins of an English word or phrase, and discuss English usage on this forum.
Macmillan English Dictionaries Magazine
The monthly webzine for the Macmillan English Dictionaries offers many opportunities for studying vocabulary. This one, entitled Word Formation by Elizabeth Potter, looks at word families, prefixes, and suffixes. There are short vocabulary tests you can take and get an immediate answer.
Fifties Page
Music, games, pop culture from the 1950s.
Common Errors in English
Paul Brians, at Washington State University, has compiled a huge list of errors made by native speakers of English. You could spend many hours going through the alphabetical listing!
ESL Resources for Teachers
Marie Nuzzie's ESL Page Links
For close to 200 sites with "an abundance of EFL information" for students and teachers, see this page.
ESL Japan: Dale Bay's ESL Links Database
Visual Thesaurus
Some of the material here is not available unless you subscribe. However, there are several free Community Word Lists.
Minute Mysteries
This is a site with jokes, called riddles, that you might enjoy. They were compiled by a woman on my cat email list. (The cats don't write to each other. The people with cats do.)

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