Questions on To Kill a Mockingbird— Part One
Part One, Chapters 1-4

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Chapter 1 Questions ("the summer Dill came")

  1. The narrator of the story is _____.
    1. Jem
    2. Dill
    3. Scout
    4. Boo
  1. What did Jem break? (p 3)
    1. his arm
    2. his leg
    3. his shoulder
    4. his back
  1. What sport does he play? (p. 3)
    1. baseball
    2. soccer
    3. basketball
    4. football
  1. Scout and Jem are how old when the novel begins? (respectively)
    1. 5 and 8
    2. 6 and 10
    3. 8 and 12
    4. 9 and 13
  1. Who is Atticus?
    What tradition did he break when he went to Montgomery to study law? (p. 4)
    What happened to his first two clients?
  1. The story is set in Maycomb, Alabama, a small southern town in the 1930s during The Depression. Write some adjectives or sentences that describe the town of Maycomb: (pp. 5-6)

  1. When did Atticus meet Jem's and Scout's mother? (p. 6)
    How did Jem's and Scout's mother die?
    How old were Scout and Jem when their mother died?
  1. Write words that describe the Radley Place: (p. 8)
    Who or what lives inside the house?
  1. Which 2 facts are NOT true about Dill? (pp. 6-7)
  1. He has snow white hair.
  2. He was taller than Scout.
  3. He is older than Jem.
  4. He has a cowlick in the center of his forehead.
  5. He is staying with his Aunt Rachel.
  6. He can read.
  1. What are 2 ways Dill introduces himself? (p. 7)
    Where does Dill come from? (p. 7)

In the following question, check [√] all the answers that are true,

  1. In a small Southern town in the 1930s . . . :

  life is boring.


  nothing is fun.


  there's always something exciting to do.


  there's not much to do or see.


  there are many forms of entertainment.


  the neighbors don't know each other very well.


  everyone knows each other.


  gossip is a form of entertainment.


  everyone's life is very private.


  information spreads quickly.


  everybody knows each other's business.


  you know who all the respectable people and troublemakers are.


  almost everyone is middle-class.


  people are often poor.

  1. What do the children do for fun during the summer? (pp. 7-8, 37) [Choose more than one answer.]
    1. go to the movies
    2. go to dances
    3. play in their treehouse
    4. act out dramas
    5. play with an old car tire
  1. What do the Cunninghams and their gang NOT do on Sundays? (p. 10)
    1. go to the movies
    2. go to dances
    3. gamble
    4. drink
    5. go to church
  1. Where were the Cunninghams sent by the judge? (p. 10)
    1. state prison
    2. county jail
    3. state industrial school
    4. home
    5. the asylum
  1. Where was Arthur (Boo) Radley sent by the judge? (p. 10)
    1. state prison
    2. county jail
    3. state industrial school
    4. home
    5. the asylum
  1. What did Boo do to his father when he was 33? (p. 11)
    1. assaulted him
    2. hit him
    3. stabbed him
    4. killed him
    5. all of the above
  1. Cal says, "There goes the meanest man ever God blew breath into." Who is she talking about? (p. 12)
    1. Atticus
    2. Boo
    3. Mr. Radley
    4. Mr. Conner
  1. Who wants to touch the door of the Radley house? (p. 13)
    1. Jem
    2. Dill
    3. Scout
    4. Boo
  1. Who touches the door of the Radley house? (pp. 14-15)
    1. Jem
    2. Dill
    3. Scout
    4. All of the children

Chapter 2 Questions (the Cummingham's entailment)

Circle T (True) or F (False) for the following questions.




School starts in September.




Scout loves the idea of going to school.




Jem is happy to take Scout to school.




Scout is starting first grade.




Jem is starting fourth grade.




Miss Caroline punishes Scout on the first day of class.




Miss Caroline is from Maycomb County.




The students enjoy the story about cats.




The students in first grade already know the alphabet.




Miss Caroline is happy that Scout can read.




Calpurnia taught Scout to read.




Students learn to write in the first grade.




The town children go home for lunch.




Walter Cunningham forgot his lunch.




Mr. Cunningham pays Atticus with food.


The names of books and periodicals「刊行物」are in italics.
Match the names with the kind of reading material. (pp. 7-17)

___ 1)



Novels for boys

___ 2)

My First Reader


A town newspaper

___ 3)

Tarzan and the Ant Men


A magazine

___ 4)

The Gray Ghost; Tom Swift


A city newspaper

___ 5)

The Maycomb Tribune


A children's story

___ 6)

The Mobile Register


A book for first graders

___ 7)



A book about a vampire

Chapter 3 Questions ("a compromise")

  1. Who invites Walter home for lunch? (p. 23)
    1. Jem
    2. Scout
    3. Atticus
    4. Calpurnia
  1. Why can't Walter pass first grade? (p. 24)
    1. He can't read.
    2. He doesn't have enough to eat.
    3. He got sick eating pecans from the Radley's tree.
    4. He has to help his father with the chopping.
  1. What does Walter pour on his food? [two answers] (p. 24)
    1. syrup
    2. gravy
    3. milk
    4. molasses
  1. What is Miss Caroline talking about when she screams, "It's alive!"? (pp. 25-26)
    1. a possum
    2. a roach
    3. a cootie
    4. a louse
  1. The term "out of season" (p. 31) is which season?
    1. spring
    2. summer
    3. fall
    4. winter
    5. hunting and trapping season
  1. What game (wild animals) do you think the Ewells hunted and trapped?
    [See p. 171 after guessing.]
  1. Who goes to school only the first day every year? (p. 27)
    1. Walter Cunningham, Jr.
    2. Little Chuck Little
    3. Burris Ewell
    4. Cecil Jacobs
  1. What is Scout thinking of doing after her first day of school? (p. 28)
  1. What does Calpurnia make for Scout as a surprise? (p. 29)
  1. Where did Atticus go to school? Who was his teacher? (p. 29; p. 32)
  1. Atticus works out a compromise with Scout. (p. 31)
    What will Scout do?

    What will Atticus do?

Chapter 4 Questions (Indian-heads and the Boo Radley game)

  1. Scout says, "The remainder of my schooldays were no more auspicious than the first."
    Pick the best definition for "auspicious" (p. 32):
    1. eventful
    2. boring
    3. exciting
    4. inspiring
  1. What is the Dewey Decimal System? [choose 2 answers] (p. 32)
    1. a way to organize a library
    2. a way to study math
    3. a way to study reading (according to Jem)
    4. a system of group dynamics
  1. Summer is on the way. What is summer for Scout? (p. 34)
  2.   (a)





  1. What are the objects Scout and Jem find in the knot-hole of the tree? [Some are in later chapters.]
  2.   (a)







  1. BONUS: Write the words that describe Calpurnia's relationship with Scout before her first year of school. (p. 34)
  1. BONUS: Write the words that describe Calpurnia's relationship with Scout after her first year of school.
  1. Superstition「迷信」makes the children afraid of which family's house?
    1. Crawford
    2. Finch
    3. Haverford
    4. Radley
  1. According to the superstition, what is a Hot Steam? (p. 37)
    1. an "onsen"
    2. a hot place on a lonely river
    3. a ghost
    4. a vampire
  1. According to the superstition, how can you not be hurt by a Hot Steam?
    1. saying some magic words
    2. holding your breath
    3. crossing through it
    4. crossing around it
  1. Scout says Calpurnia told her this is a:
    1. black person's superstition
    2. children's superstition
    3. folk superstition
    4. Maycomb superstition
  1. Make a list of verbs「動詞」Scout senses when she's in the tire and when it stops. (pp. 37-38)

  1. What drink is a summer ritual in the middle of the morning?
    1. cold milk
    2. iced tea
    3. iced coffee
    4. lemonade
  1. When they play Boo Radley, who plays:

(a) Mrs. Radley?

(b) Mr. Radley?

(c) Boo?

Developed and compiled by CA Edington, Spring, 2005; revised Spring, 2006
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