Toshiko Morimoto's Farewell Party
Toshiko was going to Indonesia for 3 years to teach kindergarten there, so, in March, 2005, all her friends gathered to give her a wonderful send off.
Toshiko Morimoto's Farewell Party Toshiko with Baby and Mother
Toshiko was my private English conversation student for over two years.  She also speaks Spanish because she taught for 2 years in JAICA, the Japanese equivalent of the Peace Corps.
Toshiko with the youngest attendee of the party and the mother.
Toast and Feast Party Table Preparations
Preparations before the party.
Toast at Toshiko's Sobetsukai
A lavish feast was prepared and gorgeously laid out by Toshiko's friends.
Hideko Ito Gives Toast
There were mixed feelings as we toasted Toshiko's happiness because we're also sad to have her leave Sapporo. She has touched the lives of everyone present with her boundless energy and love.
Toshiko Gives Farewell Speech
Hideko Ito proposes the toast. I first met Toshiko at a garden party at Ms. Ito's and, another time, went to a Christmas party at her house.
CA, Midori, Hideko Ito
Toshiko gave a very moving speech and later showed us a video of her teaching in Honduras.  Everyone mentioned how full of energy she is, and the Indonesian children she'll be teaching are truly fortunate.
Hideko Ito (right), Midori, and I listen to Toshiko's farewell speech.

Toshiko Raises Glass

Farewell, Toshiko!
We're going to miss you
but I imagine those 3 years will just fly by.
Also, we hope to all come to visit you in Indonesia.

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