Questions on To Kill a Mockingbird
Part One, Chapters 5-11

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Chapter 5 Questions (tormenting Boo)

  1. Did Atticus say that the children couldn't play the game [of Boo Radley] any more? (p. 41)
  1. Jem and Dill stop playing with Scout as much, partly because she's a girl.
    What names do they call her? (pp. 23, 47, 51).
  1. Scout gets closer to another woman: "With a click of her tongue she thrust out her bridgework 「入れ歯」,a gesture of cordiality「懇切」that cemented our friendship." Who is "she"? (pp. 42-43)
    1. Calpurnia
    2. Miss Caroline
    3. Miss Stephanie
    4. Miss Maudie
  1. Is Scout's new friend married? (What word tells you?) (p. 42)
  1. Miss Maudie is described as "a chameleon lady." What time does she change? How? (p. 42)
  1. Miss Maudie "loved everything that grew in God's earth." What is the exception? (p. 42)
  1. What does Miss Maudie make for the children every time she bakes? (p. 43)
  1. Dr. Buford and Uncle Jack are both doctors. How are they different? (p. 43)
    Which doctor is Miss Maudie's father?
    Which doctor wants to marry Miss Maudie?
  1. What quality best describes Mr. Radley? (p. 44)
    1. benevolent
    2. nosy
    3. religious
    4. trustworthy
    5. reasonable
  1. What quality best describes Miss Stephanie? (p. 44)
    1. benevolent
    2. nosy
    3. religious
    4. trustworthy
    5. reasonable
  1. In the box, write words used by the children to describe Boo Radley (pp. 8-9, 12-14, 39, 47)

  1. What does Miss Maudie tell Scout about Boo? (pp. 45-46)
    Is this the same or different from what other people say about Boo? How?

  1. Miss Maudie says that he "is the same in his house as he is on the public streets." (p. 46)
    Who is she describing?
    1. Boo
    2. Mr. Radley
    3. Atticus
    4. Jem
    5. Dill
    What does Scout say about this person?
  1. Describe the game Jem and Dill tell Scout they're going to play. (pp. 46-47)
    What stops them from playing the game?
  1. Scout says that "Dill could tell the biggest ones" [lies - ] she ever heard.
    What lie does she catch Dill telling about his father? (p. 47)
    Name some other lies Dill has told.
  1. Atticus finds out about the boys' game by using "the oldest lawyer's trick on record."
    What trick did Atticus use? (pp. 51-52)

Chapter 6 Questions ("strip poker")

  1. What do Dill and Jem see in the moon? (p. 50)
    What do you see in the moon?

BONUS: Draw a picture of the Radley yard. (pp. 52-53)

  1. What do Jem, Dill, and Scout do that causes Mr. Radley to shoot at them? (pp. 52-54)
    1. He catches them play-acting Boo Radley stabbing his father.
    2. They sneak into the Radley yard and try to peak into a window.
    3. He catches them stealing money hidden in a tree in his yard.
    4. Jem accidentally hits the Radley house while practicing with his new gun.
  1. What happens to Jem's pants? (pp. 53-54)
  1. What lie does Dill tell about how Jem lost his pants? (p. 54)
  1. What is Jem afraid Atticus might do if he discovers Jem lost his pants? (p. 56)
    1. Atticus will kill Jem.
    2. Atticus will give Jem a licking.
    3. Atticus will whip Jem.
    4. Atticus will stop speaking to Jem.
  1. Is Jem able to get his pants? (p. 57)

Chapter 7 Questions (the biggest prize)

  1. What is the only good thing about second grade for Scout? (p. 58)
  1. When Jem goes back to get his pants from the Radley yard, how are they? [Choose 2.] (p. 58)
    1. in a tangle
    2. folded across the fence
    3. sewed up by a lady
    4. sewed up crooked
  1. What are 2 things Jem learns about the Egyptians in 6th grade? (p. 59)
  2.   (1)


  1. As the children find objects in the knot-hole, add them to the list started in Chapter 4.

  2. What is the biggest prize? (p. 60)
  1. How do Jem and Scout thank the person who was leaving objects in the knot-hole? (pp. 61-62)
  1. Who do you think is putting objects in the knot-hole?
  1. Mr. Radley plugs up the knot-hole with cement. What is probably his reason?
  1. Is the tree really dying? (pp. 62-63)

Chapter 8 Questions ("the Morphodite")

  1. Maycomb County has the coldest weather since what year? (p. 63)
  1. According to Mr. Avery, what caused the cold weather? (p. 63)
  1. Why does Scout think the world is ending? (p. 64)
  1. What are four duties of the telephone operator? (p. 64)
  2.   (1)




  1. What flowers is Miss Maudie protecting from the cold? (pp. 65-66)
  1. There isn't much snow, so how does Jem make a snowman? (pp. 66-67)
  1. The snowman is a caricature「風刺画」of which neighbor? (p. 67)

Draw a picture of Jem's snowman.

NOTE: There is no word "morphodite." What Miss Maudie really said is "hermaphrodite."「双成り」

  1. The temperature is 16 Fahrenheit. (p. 68) How many degrees Celsius is that?
  1. Whose house burns down?
    1. The Radley Place
    2. Miss Maudie's
    3. Mr. Avery's
    4. Miss Stephanie Crawford's
  1. Who has trouble getting out of the house? (pp. 69-70)
  1. Who put the brown woolen blanket around Scout?
  1. How did the fire probably start? (p. 73)
  1. What shows Miss Maudie's positive attitude towards the fire? (pp. 73-74)
  1. Who does Miss Maudie make a cake for? (p. 73)

(EXTRA CREDIT: Make a Lane cake for CA!)

  1. Who is Miss Maudie staying with? (p. 73)

Chapter 9 Questions (Christmas at Finch's Landing)

  1. Why does Scout break her promise to her father about not fighting? (p. 74)
  1. Scout uses her fight with Cecil Jacobs as a reason she shouldn't go to school.
    What are some other ways she continues "her campaign to avoid school"? (p. 75)
  1. Who is Atticus going to defend? (p. 75)
  1. Scout asks her father, "Atticus, are we going to win?" He replies, "No, honey."
    If he's going to lose, why is Atticus going to take the case?
    [Also see Chapter 11, pp. 104-105, to answer this question.]
  1. Confederate SoldierWho is Cousin Ike? (p. 76)
    Cousin Ike keeps telling stories about what?
  1. What (who) is the good side of Christmas? (p. 77)
  1. What (who) is the flip side [the bad side] of Christmas? (p. 77)

Francis Hancock is the:

      (a) son of ___________________________.

      (b) grandson of ________________________.

  1. What relative does Scout go to if she wants a splinter「刺」removed from her foot? (p. 78)
  1. What swear words [called "bathroom invectives" by Uncle Jack] does Scout start using? (pp. 78-79)
  1. Why does Scout use such words? (p. 79)
  1. How does her Uncle Jack react?
  1. How does Atticus react? (pp. 78, 87)
  1. What presents do Jem and Scout get for Christmas? [Choose 2 answers.]
    1. air rifles
    2. a booksack
    3. a bowtie
    4. a chemistry set
    5. shirts
  1. Aunt Alexandra has ideas about how a girl who wants to be a lady acts. (p. 81).

    1. What does a lady wear?

      What does she not wear?

      What does she play with?

      How does she behave?
  1. What does Scout learn about Dill from Francis? (p. 82)
  1. Scout says, "When stalking one's prey, it is best to take one's time?"
    Who is the stalker?
  1. Who is the prey? (p. 83)
  1. Uncle Jack tells Scout that her behavior is obstreperous, disorderly, and abusive「悪態」 (pp. 84-85)
    What does Scout do that makes Uncle Jack so angry?
  1. Why did she do it?
  1. When Scout asks Uncle Jack what a "whore-lady" is, he uses an evasion「回避」. (p. 87)
    He plunges into a tale about an old Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne. Why?
  1. Scout is hotheaded and easily jumps on someone "if her pride's at stake," but Atticus has "never laid a hand on her."(pp. 87-88)
    What does "laid a hand on her" mean?
  1. Why does Atticus never lay a hand on Scout?
  1. What does Scout do after Cecil Jacob calls her a coward (Chapter 9, p. 77)?
  1. Later, in Chapter 10, Scout says, "Word got around that Scout Finch wouldn't fight any more." Is this completely true? (p. 90)
  1. Atticus says he hopes the children don't catch "Maycomb's usual disease." What is this disease? (p. 88)
  1. Why does Atticus let Scout stay up and listen to him talking to Uncle Jack? (pp. 88-89)

Chapter 10 Questions (One-Shot Finch)

  1. Atticus has a job. Why does Scout say, "Our father didn't do anything."? (p. 89)
  1. One of the most famous lines from the book and movie is when Atticus says, "Remember it's a sin to kill a mockingbird." What does Miss Maudie say to explain why it's a sin?
  1. Put a check [Zˇ] next to the activities that Atticus does:


  go hunting


  play poker










  play checkers


  play a Jew's harp

Playing a Jew's Harp


Extra: Listen to a Jew's harp or Tadagawa


  1. Who is playing touch football? (p. 92)
  1. Does Atticus play? Why or why not?
  1. Who is Tim Johnson? (p. 92)
    Jem imitates 「真似る」Tim's way of acting. He "gulped「飲み込む」like a goldfish, hunched his shoulders and twitched his torso." Tim "walked erratically「斑」" and Jem said, "He's gone lopsided「偏った」." What does Calpurnia say is wrong with Tim? (p. 93)
  1. How is Tim's behavior different from what Scout thought? (p. 94)
  1. How many shots does it take Atticus to shoot Tim Johnson?
  1. What is Atticus's nickname?
  1. How does Jem's and Scout's way of thinking about their father change?

One-Shot Finch

Chapter 11 Questions (a perfect camellia)

  1. When the children go downtown, whose house do they have to pass? (p. 99)
    1. The Radley Place
    2. Miss Maudie's
    3. Miss Stephanie Crawford's
    4. Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose's
  1. A young lady shouldn't say, "Hey" as a greeting. What should a young lady say? (p. 99)
  1. What does Mrs. Dubose say about Scout's and Jem's mother? (p. 100)
  1. What does Mrs. Dubose say about Scout's and Jem's father?
  1. What does Mrs. Dubose say about Scout and Jem?
  1. Where do the children meet Atticus every evening? (p. 100)
    1. the courthouse
    2. the post office
    3. the school
    4. at the end of the street
  1. Jem buys himself a miniature steam engine with his birthday money.
    What does he buy for Scout? (p. 100)
    1. an air rifle
    2. a tea set
    3. an Add-A-Pearl necklace
    4. a twirling baton
  1. What does Atticus say and do when he passes by Mrs. Dubose's house?
  1. Mrs. Dubose's words make Jem stiffen引き締める」and go scarlet. (pp. 101-102)
    What are two insults「悪口」she makes?
  1. What does Jem do to Mrs. Dubose's camellia bushes? (p. 103)
  1. What does he use?
  1. What does Atticus make Jem do and for how long? (pp. 104-105)
  1. What book does Jem read to Mrs. Dubose? (pp. 107-109)
    How does Jem know when the time for reading is finished? (p. 107)



When Jem says that Mrs. Dubose's house is "all dark and creepy," Atticus smiles and replies, "That should appeal to your imagination. Just pretend you're inside the Radley house."

Write words that describe the inside of Mrs. Dubose's house or draw a picture: (p. 106)

  1. What does Atticus say a "nigger-lover" is? (p. 108)
  1. What is the medicine Mrs. Dubose takes every day? (p. 111)
  1. Atticus says, "She meant to break herself of it before she died, and that's what she did." (p. 111)
    What did Mrs. Dubose break herself of?
  1. What is in the candy box Mrs. Dubose gave to Jem? (p. 111)
  1. According to Atticus, what is her message to Jem? (pp. 111-112)
  1. Atticus calls Mrs. Dubose "a great lady." What does he think "real courage" is? (p. 112)


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