Japan Web Sites

Here are a number of sites with information about Japan.

Clickable Map
You can go to various cities and areas in Japan by clicking on the map at this site.
Japan Atlas
Watch slide shows on the geography, culture, sports & entertaiment, and lifestyle in Japan at this informative site by the Japan Information Network. There are also 360-degree "virtual reality" photos.
Statistical Information about Japan
This excerpt from the World Fact Book gives more facts than you probably wanted to know about Japan. It has a map showing Hokkaido and Sapporo. It even includes a bit of information about the disputed islands northeast of Hokkaido.
American Citizen Services
The U.S. Embassy in Tokyo provides information about passports, safety and security issues, earthquake preparedness, driver's licenses, marriage, and much more. Free monthly email newsletter subscriptions are available.
CLAIR Reports
The Council of Local Authorities for International Relations provides an omnibus site on living in Japan, with information on Housing and removals, procedures for residence and other visas, alien registration and Health and medical services. The info is available in PDF format for easy printing.
Japan Information Network
One of the most complete guides I've come across to articles on current issues in Japan.
I have compiled a list of links on Hokkaido, the prefecture (or state) of which Sapporo is the capital.
I also compiled a list of links on Sapporo, the city in which I have lived for 16 years.
CA's Neighborhood
You can "visit" my neighborhood in Sapporo during all four seasons.

Some Favorite Sites

Kristen McQuillin's Weblog
Kristen McQuillin's daily journal, complete with photos, gives an exquisite view of daily life in Japan. Her anecdotes, while full of humor, show the contradictions and dilemmas that "outsiders" face, no matter how long they've lived in Japan. Also check out her essays, a series of vignettes about everything from a speech contest to pizza delivery. I was especially interested in her visit to Sapporo. Note that this is an interactive site where readers can comment on Kristen's entries.
The Japan Zone
"The Japan Zone is the only site that brings you regular news and gossip from the Japanese entertainment world." There's also information on sightseeing, transportation, money, etiquette, language, employment, and several other areas. Mark McBennett, an Irishman who married a Japanese woman, calls this site his labor of love. Note to my friends: You can check the clock on this site to find out what time it is in Japan before you call me!
Numerous examples of Engrish, simply defined as the humorous English mistakes that appear in Japanese advertising and product design, have been collected for this site. This URL leads directly to one from Hokkaido.
Living in Japan
The web site of the American School in Japan (Tokyo) community has some excellent resources for anyone living in Japan. It includes first-hand accounts on Japanese immigration processing and driver's license testing.

Sites for Teachers and Students of Japanese

Sources for Japanese Language and Culture
Compiled by Catherine Oshida, this site has numerous Japanese language learning links, including hiragana and kanji tutorials. and those related to general information about Japan from manners and etiquette to the railway system. You could spend hours on this site alone!
Keiko Schneider's Bookmarks
Keiko Kawanabe Schneider, former instructor of Japanese at the University of New Mexico, has numerous links, both annotated and unannotated, particularly for those for teaching or learning Japanese.
Great Japanese Web Sites
Professor Emeritus James Becker of the University of Northern Iowa has compiled all sorts of links--from travel and currency to Japanese language lessons. This is another site that could provide many hours of enjoyable exploration.
Nihongo Memo Home
For Japanese Teachers "down under," this site includes links to Japanese holidays, stickers, clip art sites, and useful websites for Japanese teachers.

Social Issues in Japan

Nikkei View
Gil Asakawa, a Japanese-American who is Executive Producer for Development and Production for the Denver Post Online, found so many links since he started in 1994 that he had to divide them into several areas including Media; Art, History, & Culture; and Nikkei and Asian Pacific American Sites.
Sexist Comments and Ads in Japan
Concerned about sexism in Japan, including comments by politicans? Here's a place to write back!
Association of Poor people in Nagai Park
Claiming "we're NOT DUST. we shall NOT BE MOVED," and written in several languages, this site presents the developments of homeless in Osaka. Read the report by the 50 or so remaining in the park after forced eviction by the Osaka City Authority in preparation for the building of sports installations in case Osaka is chosen for the 2008 Olympics.
Japan's Lost Generation
Ryu Murakami of Time/Asia looks as the phenomenon of hikikomori, or the socially withdrawn young people in Japan.
Kuril Island Network
Kuril Island Network (KIN) is a nonpartisan, nonpolitical volunteer group founded in 1999 to raise awareness about pristine wildlife sanctuary covering most of the disputed Northern Territories. The site has photos and articles on environmental issues, including the endangered Blakiston's Fish Owl on which one of my university students has done a research paper.




I attempt to keep this site updated, so if you notice a problem with any of the links or have suggestions of any to add, please E-mail CA!

Updated January 3, 2004.